Eric Bibler challenges Cape Cod Commission actions on industrial wind “minimum performance standards.”

Ready! Fire! Aim!

It seems Mr. Eric Bibler, President of Save Our Seashore, was reviewing proposed amendments to the Regional Policy Plan and noted its reference to Technical Bulletin 10-002.

Unable to find the Technical Bulletin on the Cape Cod Commission web site, Mr. Bibler contacted the Commission to request a copy and have it posted on the web site.

Here is the text of the email he received from Ryan Christenberry, Planner with the CCC:  “The Commission does not develop Technical Bulletins in advance of the performance standards being adopted as ordinance.  However, we anticipate the development of these bulletins in the proposed performance standards language to avoid future amendments.  Technical Bulletin 10-002 will require the services of an acoustical expert and contracting for these services prior to the adoption of the standards as ordinance would be premature.  I recognize this creates some confusion; please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to discuss the matter further.

Needless to say, Mr. Bibler did not “hesitate to contact” Planner Cristenberry.  And we are happy to provide Mr. Bibler’s request for clarification here, for your convenience.  (You might just want to buckle your seat-belt!):


AT Note:  We’ll be very interested in the response from the Cape Cod Commission and, if Mr. Bibler allows, we’ll post it here for you.


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2 Responses to Eric Bibler challenges Cape Cod Commission actions on industrial wind “minimum performance standards.”

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Unbelievable, but it appears the Cape Cod Commission is attending the same University of Big Industrial Wind Turbines that the West Virginia Public Service Commission (WVPSC) attends. Read the how the WV PSC

    When the question of set back was raised in public hearing this is how the West Virginia Public Service responded in their final order, January 11, 2010, CASE NO. 09-0360-E-CS

    ” These commitments by Pinnacle in the Joint Stipulation stem from a concern presented by Staff in the direct testimony of Mr. Walker, who recommended that a turbine setback of 1 1/2 the combined height of the tower, turbine, and maximum blade height from residences, roads, and power lines should be imposed. Walker Direct p. 19 (Staff Ex. 2)”.

    “Staff asserted that the setback would assist in ensuring safety at the Project site by reducing the harm to the public that could result from tower failures, ice shedding, or blade throws. -Id. pp. 12-14. To avoid the cost to Pinnacle that would be required to redesign the project,
    the Stipulating Parties agreed that the commitments by Pinnacle stated above would ensure that the closest turbines to Green Mountain Road are at least fall-down distance from the road and that additional safety measures be taken in times of icy weather conditions.”

    “In its Reply Brief, AFA urges the Commission to adopt the position initially proposed by Staff. Reply Brief p. 12.
    In response to the Proposed Order filed by Pinnacle, Commission Staff asked that the final Commission order contain a statement for “Future Applicants” that acknowledges that Commission Staff will pursue a standard tower minimum setback of 1 .1/2 times the total turbine height from roads, homes, transmission lines, and so forth. Response to Proposed Order p. 1 (Nov. 16,2009).”

    “It is not appropriate, though, for this Order to be used as a vehicle to attempt to provide notice of any future positions that may be taken by Staff. Staff remains free to formulate and present any position, based upon the particular facts of future cases. ”

    ” If Staff intends to recommend a setback of 1 ½ total height, such position should be supported by more than a general allegation that such a setback is necessary.”

    AFA Notes: So much for Public safety, health, welfare, and quality of life. WV PSC fails to even consider their own staff recommendations.

  2. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Read the entire final order, for the Pinnacle Project:

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