Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 4, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“A different wind energy developer with a project under construction nearby is trying to head off similar problems. That company reportedly is writing $5000 checks to neighbors who agree not to complain about turbine noise. Caithness Energy declined to say how many households took them up on the deal. Caithness’ Shepherd Flats project will be the nation’s biggest wind farm when it is completed in about two years.

Wind developer “reportedly writing $5000 checks to neighbors who agree not to complain about turbine noise” – Wind Turbine Syndrome

2-“… the oldest infant-industry in the history of the world: Wind power” – (I wish I’d thought of that line!)

Voting against the Wind? – The American

3-“As opposition (to industrial wind) continues to grow across Ontario, another community group has been formed …

109 attended Amaranth meeting on wind turbines – Wind Concerns Ontario

4-“this year has been a journey from hope to anger and disgust. Fox Islands Wind continues to misrepresent and mislead our community while using its authority to bully state regulators on the issue of violating noise standards.

Wind Farm Neighbor: From Hope to Anger and Disgust – The Free Press

5-Now this is some hope and change:  “President Obama’s top advisers recommended cutting off funding for a federal loan-guarantee program meant to spur the construction of wind and solar farms and other alternative energy projects, saying taxpayer dollars might be better spent elsewhere.

Oh, but then there’s the politics of it all:  “But the advisers, including Mr. Obama’s outgoing National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers, energy policy czar Carol Browner and Ron Klain, chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, warned Mr. Obama that pulling money from the program would risk antagonizing powerful allies in Congress, and would “signal the failure of a Recovery Act program that has been featured prominently by the administration,” according to an Oct. 25 memorandum viewed by The Wall Street Journal.”

These people act as though it’s their money they’re tossing around.  Let’s demand the new congress shut down the free flow of money we don’t have into poor performing contraptions we don’t need.

U.S. Weighs Funding for Renewable Energy Projects – Wall Street Journal

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