Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 3, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Why is it the American Wind Energy Association always complains about the lack of facts in a presentation with a rebuttal lacking facts.  Where are the links to your suggestions Mr. Levesque?  More after while.

Windfall Documentary: Greatest Hits of Misinformation By Carl Levesque – REVE

2-More on the Renewable Electricity Standard being pushed by the AWEA and its congregation of believers: “There is never a good time for policies which hurt our economy, but pushing costly environmental agendas through at a time when our country is in economic trouble will not only be ineffective but shows an insensitivity to the livelihoods and security of Americans.”

The Renewable Electricity Standard Game Plan – The Foundry

3-Delaware: “offshore wind’s once impressive momentum has been stalled by a powerful shift in economic, social and political currents, all casting a suddenly harsh light on the industry’s weakest link: the high cost of the electricity from those ocean turbines.” (I might have mentioned the other weakest link:  they don’t work)

Offshore wind faces uphill climb – Delmarva Now

4-More on the rare earth issue – “Now environmentalists say we need the minerals that they’ve been locking up for decades”

Shackling national security – and renewable energy – Watts Up With That

5-Note Jon Boone’s comment to this AT post: “Russia wants to supply all of China’s gas needs.” And the US?  We’re pushing windmills! – “It’s not just China. Russia seeks to build up nuclear internally, then sell as much of its abundant natural gas to as many European nations that will by it, such as England, Germany, Italy, in the process making them dependent upon Russia in ways that could never be achieved militarily. Russia relies on continued European recalcitrance about nuclear, and hopes it will continue to push renewables, which are, as Putin stated, “claptrap.” In addition to increasing Russian national security, the policy will also reap incredible wealth.”

So, in what direction does President Obama think the US should go?

Obama promotes green energy – Politico

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