Industrial wind opponents are selfish … or are they?

Excellent post from the Jefferson’s Leaning Left Blog, Jefferson County, New York (thanks to Glenn Schleede and Jon Boone)

So, this lady stands up at a Public Hearing, Monday, about the Galloo Island Wind Factory. She lives near the Watertown border of Houndsfield and she spoke in favor of the wind factory which is 22 miles from her home. She even gave some reasons why she thought wind towers were good. But then, she declared that the outsiders attending and speaking at the hearing had no business coming to her town and telling her town what to do about this issue. She closed her testimony by stating that the resistance to turning Lake Ontario into a wind factory was coming from those rich people. They were selfish.

Geeze, Lady! I sure respect your opinion. In fact, yours was probably the only opinion that your board even listened to. If you recall, your board was not as quick to cut you off under the time rule as they were the speakers who were giving the reasons not to approve the site plan. And for the first time during their meeting, some members of the board perked up. Even the guy who said wind towers were good because he worked for a wind tower company did not get that kind of attention.

But, to tell a citizen he or she has no right to comment at a public hearing when the Galloo project affects them, their home values and their businesses is wrong.

Blame it on the rich?

Call them selfish?

Let me remind you, Lady, that the wind developers who are about to take control over your town are very, very rich. And, that lawyer guy? Wind development has brought him riches you and I will never see.

Let me also remind you that wind developers are outsiders, too. So far outside that they have to cross big oceans to get to Houndsfield. And the next time they come, they will use a bigger plane because they will be bringing many of the wind tower workers with them.

And the lawyer guy? He is from the outside, too. In fact, he has been spending much of his time on the other side of New York filing law suits against towns who don’t want to cooperate with his rich outsider wind developer friends from other countries.

And let me remind you that they are the ones that are selfish as hell. There is nothing more selfish than a corporation with carfully laid plans to make as much money as they can before they reorganize, sell out, or go bankrupt and disappear. And if you think these outsider rich guys are here to share significant amounts of their good fortune with you and your town taxpayers, think twice. The real generosity will be showered on the politicians who have made this project possible for the rich- outsider multi-national wind developers and their investors.

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(AT note:  Seem familiar?)

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