“Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment” – Executive Summary

Thanks to our friends at the excellent resource, Wind Concerns Ontario, for linking us to the Executive Summary of the new book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment“, published by Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PHD.

Wind Concerns Ontario states they will “be distributed to medical professionals throughout Ontario.”  Let’s support them by doing the same in the States.

Wind Concerns Ontario is a coalition of 41 Citizen’s Groups from across 27 Counties/Districts in Ontario.  Drop by and visit!

Please note:  The book is available at the Author’s web site: http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com/

Quantity discounts apply

  • 1-7 books, $18 per book + shipping
  • 8-15 books, $17 per book + shipping
  • 16-23 books, $16 per book + shipping
  • 24 and above, $15 per book + shipping
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