Destruction of Backbone Mountain soon to begin, ironically because no one has one!

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According to the Baltimore Sun, Constellation Energy will attempt it’s “first venture into generating electricity from wind, though spokesman Lawrence McDonnell said the company has been buying wind power produced in the Midwest. The company also has installed relatively small-scale photovoltaic solar arrays at spice-maker McCormick & Co. in Hunt Valley and at the Maryland Environmental Service headquarters in Millersville.

Perfect!  Constellation bought some wind power so now they’ll be responsible to generate wind power.  Is that the equivalent of me driving a car so now I think I’ll build you one?

At what point will we find politicians with the courage, yes backbone to go against the tide and actually understand a process they push.  According to the article, “a 2008 state law passed at the urging of Gov. Martin O’Malley requires electricity suppliers such as Constellation to get 20 percent from renewable sources by 2022 or pay fees for failing to do so.”  Why 20% and not 30% or 12% or 7% or 100%?  The reason is they don’t have a clue.  There is no science in their calculation or their reasoning.  They are simply lemings following their political elders down a path to notoriety without any concern for understanding the impact of their ignorance.

Maryland has no corner on the ignorance market.  Neighboring West Virginia is selling its soul to the “green” gods in hopes that St. Washington will open the pearly flood gates of federal funds.

Of course, far from the hallowed halls of Annapolis and Charleston, the mountains they promote on their brochures will be horribly altered by their actions and they are clueless to understand.

Read the full Baltimore Sun article here:  “Garrett, Charles to get wind, solar power plants

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2 Responses to Destruction of Backbone Mountain soon to begin, ironically because no one has one!

  1. WHAM says:

    This is absolutely perfect. The “toon” is a not-so-funny nightmare. Bags of money could have been added.

    John Denver: “almost heaven, West Virginia”
    He would weep.

    Beneath your truths and anger, I sense a great sadness for places of beauty that will be lost to our children and their children. Once needlessly (cluelessly) destroyed, this majesty may never be healed.

    I grew up spending my vacations in the mountains of Garrett County. I don’t know that I will go there again, preferring the mountains that live in my memory.

    To rape a mountain for gain, adding little to the energy grid or health to our planet is a crime.

  2. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Once again…Windtoons….provide a funny perspective…but it is reality…

    Garrett County is a meca for recreaton and tourism. Half of the United States Population is within one day’s drive to this region…What AFA can’t understand…Maryland says they want to protect their state forests…why would they want to allow this project.

    This project will ill produce NOTHING and Contribute NOTHING to the energy grid system.

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