Stop Ill Wind – Jon Boone

Jon Boone has been a formal intervenor in two Maryland Public Service Commission hearings. He produced and directed the documentary, Life Under a Windplant, which has been freely distributed within the United States and many countries throughout the world. The documentary is also available in three-part, YouTube format, here.  For your convenience, the Google presentation is at the end of this section.

Mr. Boone also developed the website Stop Ill Wind, where anyone can read his complete direct testimony, with many related documents, in the Synergics wind case before the Maryland Public Service Commission.

His essay, The Aesthetic Dissonance of Industrial Wind Machines, was published in the journal, Contemporary Aesthetics. A revised copy of his June, 2006 speech given in Wyoming County, The Wayward Wind, was published last year by McGraw Hill. His paper, Less for More: The Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind, is pending publication.

A lifelong environmentalist, Mr. Boone helped found the North American Bluebird Society and has been a consultant with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in New York.

He is a former university academic administrator and now a painter who receives no income from his work on wind technology and resides miles from any proposed wind project. .

Mr. Boone seeks only informed, effective public policy–and an environmentalism that eschews wishful thinking because it is aware of the unintended adverse consequences flowing from uninformed, unscientific decisions.

2 Responses to Stop Ill Wind – Jon Boone

  1. dean says:

    Mr. Boone,
    Is it possible for you to check out Minonk Wind Farm in Woodford County, Illinois. A Spanish wind company put up some wind turbines in Woodford and Livingston County and now the wind company wants to sell 4 wind farms, including the Minonk wind farm to a Canada company. Are the wind turbines too close to residents homes?

  2. dean says:

    Hello Jon,

    There are two more recent articles regarding wind farms like the Minonk Wind Farms of Woodford County in the Bloomington, Illinois Pantagraph newspaper. The articles in are named the following:
    Some on Woodford Co. Board want answers to wind farm questions
    The labor of energy: Wind turbines
    The Woodford County Zoning Board wants to know the legalities of selling the Minonk Wind Farm to a Canada company.
    Thank-you for reviewing this information.

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