Quotable Quotes

A reader suggested we provide a home for fun and serious quotes.  Great idea!

You can post them at the comment section here and I’ll move them into the posted area, provided they pass the test of polite, on topic. and, if not your original – attributed to the original source.  If we happen to place one that shouldn’t be here, simply let us know.

I’ll start things off with one of my favorites:

1 – “Industrial wind is perhaps the silliest modern energy idea imaginable. In the final analysis, it’s a faith-based proposition, requiring people to close their minds and clap their hands to revive it from a life-and-death struggle against unbelief, bringing the technology back from the oblivion that the steam engine consigned it to hundreds of years ago.” – Jon Boone‘s commentary at the Baltimore Sun, “The fantasy of wind power for Maryland

2 – “Comparing 425 ft. tall wind turbines to power line poles demonstrates the utter stupidity and arrogance of the speaker. I have never seen a power pole move. They just stand there. The turbines have blades that look like knives slashing at the sky (and at whatever hapless creature that may be in the air space). A video with several in motion in the same scene gives the impression of violent chaos. They are not like serene, graceful ballerinas. At the very least, your eye is naturally drawn to them by their motion that resembles something waving its arms to get your attention. We don’t want to see them. We don’t want to look at them; but it is impossible to ignore them.” – Joan Kalso, Montague, Michigan in email

3 – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated at the September 9 meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club that “nuclear energy is the only alternative to traditional energy sources.”

He noted that “You couldn’t transfer large electric power stations to wind energy, however much you wanted to. In the next few decades, it will be impossible.

He said nuclear energy is the only “real and powerful alternative” to oil and gas.  He rejects other alternative energy approaches as “claptrap.”

4-”There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” – Mark Twain

5-“The greatest threat to the wind industry’s growth is, in fact, the wind industry’s growth.” Morgan – Allegheny Treasures

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