Citizens / Groups

These links include Concerned Individuals and Citizen Groups formed for the purpose of educating the community to the negative aspects of industrial wind.

Please contact the site administrator via the comment section to include you or your organization.

1 Response to Citizens / Groups

  1. Allegany County Code 360-92 (Code Home Rule 2-09) was passed on June 4, 2009 to provide protection against inconsiderate placement of industrial wind turbines with respect to established homes in Allegany County, MD.

    Dan’s Mountain Wind Force, LLC, has planned a wind turbine farm that does not comply with the existing Allegany County Code 360-92 and are seeking variances and special exceptions to this code. The hearing is scheduled to begin on October 27, 2015.

    If the Allegany County Board of Zoning Appeals grants their request, the erection of 17 industrial wind turbines (492 feet tall) along the Dan’s Mountain ridgeline will take place within months.

    Please visit and sign the petition. We need to protect our scenic view and wildlife!

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