Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 24, 2011

Items of interest:

1-Very interesting analysis of Evergreen Solar’s demise at MasterResource:

Part I:  Evergreen Solar Inc.: Anatomy of a ‘Green’ Bankruptcy

Part II:  Sustainability Lessons from Evergreen Solar’s Bankruptcy

2-“Electricity has to be generated exactly in the same time that it’s being produced in the system. In order for the system to work, power supply and demand have to match exactly.  As you now introduce more variable generation into the system like wind, and it’s fluctuating, you have to have generation elsewhere in the system that can respond to that. And wind doesn’t respond to directed signals to drop or increase load. So, somewhere else on the system you’ve got coal-fired or gas-turbine or hydro that are responding to the changes in demand and changes in other generation.” – Jon Kaake, CEO of the independent grid analyst group Columbia Grid in OPB News

Gee, I’ve heard this before – Why Wind Won’t Work

3-Roanoke County (Virginia)delays vote on wind energy

4-Common sense breaks out in Washington State: The proposed new law would revise the Energy Independence Act to say that if a utility already has excess energy under contract, then the utility has the option to choose not to buy unneeded energy or renewable energy credits otherwise required by the act.The NewsTribune

5-Clipper Windpower has dismissed 90 workers – most of them at its only wind turbine manufacturing plant in Cedar Rapids, IowaRecharge

(I hope Clipper didn’t receive taxpayer support to hire these folks in the first place?)

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