Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 16, 2011

Items of interest:

1-Study Concludes:Until scientifically based research has been conducted IWTs should not sited in proximity to human habitation.” – Wind Concerns Ontario

2-More from WCO:  “Wind turbines too noisy, internal Ontario government memo says.”

And if you aren’t stopping at Wind Concerns Ontario every day, you’re missing out.  We can learn a great deal from our great northern friends.

3-And I thought we were a little short on cash!

Energy Secretary Chu hands $102 million we don’t have to a Maine wind developer so they can install Siemens (aka-German) turbines – Department of Energy

4-Ignoring the content, you gotta admit the interview is entertaining.

‘It Pains Me Too’ – Speigel Online

5-Relative to the interview in Item 4 – remember this from Speigel Online a month ago? (bold emphasis mine)

“The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel established an atomic “moratorium” immediately following the March 11 disaster in Japan and took Germany’s seven oldest reactors offline. Not long after , Berlin decided to keep them shut down permanently. But with concern rising that solar and wind power might not be sufficient on cold winter days, one of those older reactors will likely have to be switched back on. A final decision will be made in August.  Merkel and her government have celebrated the phase out of nuclear energy in Germany as an “energy revolution” and vowed to make up for the capacity lost through the reactor shutdowns through billions in investments in renewable energies and energy savings measures. But according to a report in the daily Berliner Zeitung on Wednesday, some of that money has now been earmarked to subsidize the construction of new coal-fired power plants.

Yep!  That pesky thing called reality keeps spoiling the ending of the renewable fairy tale!

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