Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 15, 2011

Items of interest:

1-Pinnacle wind project creating manufacturing jobs for Americans …at least if your an American living in, say

Mexico: “The 23 windmill towers are each shipped in four sections … The pieces are manufactured in Mexico and shipped by truck to the Port of Galveston in Texas.

or Japan: Project to utilize 23 Mitsubishi MWT95/2.4 Turbines

2-“Wind farm accidents in Gansu caused major disruptions to China’s power grid, while Beijing just announced the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) will conduct nationwide inspections this month of wind power facilities after a series of large-scale disconnections that threatened the stability of the power grid, as reported by the China Daily on August 5.”CRI English

3-In case you missed it – “The great green wind scam – JONATHAN CARTER – Director, Forest Ecology Network

4-Thanks to Jon Boone for alerting us to the third ATI video of the series:

ATI Environmental Law Center v. State of Colorado Renewables Mandate – Pt. 3, Possible Outcomes:

For your convenience, here is the first and second video, which we posted earlier:

American Tradition Institute Colorado Lawsuit, Part 1 – Pollution Issues:

American Tradition Institute Colorado Lawsuit, Part 2 – Constitutionality:

Please be sure to visit the American Tradition Institute website for a comprehensive study of the ongoing lawsuit and other issues concerning environmental policies.

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