Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 14, 2011

Items of interest:

1-From our friends at Windtoons

2-“Texas has seen large growth in wind generation because of DOE subsidies for wind generation. The subsidies are what makes wind generation feasible economically.” – Energy Blogs

3-And while we’re on Texas:Texas has three times the wind capacity of any other state. The Electric Reliability council of Texas reports a wind capacity factor of 8.7 percent, meaning that more than 90 percent of the time the erratic turbines are not producing.”

4-View the Ankeny Wind Turbine Webcam – Will it go round in circles?

5-Land owners could face huge turbine costs – Wind Concerns Ontario

Our friend Fran Kunz notes:  “Here’s another great insight to what is happening with wind. If, (more like when) the subsidies get pulled from wind power, the companies go bankrupt. (That’s not the punch line though.)  The punch line is; the land owner is stuck with a useless reminant of poor technology, reduced land value, and removal costs while the power company gets to hide all the money they got from the tax payers. LOL! well, maybe its not really that funny after all?

6-Another happy customer?  “As I write this letter (Aug. 4), the entire output for Ontario’s 800 IWTs is a pathetic 17MW”The Beacon Herald

7-Oh!  If you haven’t done so already … be sure to sign up for email updates at the Industrial Wind Action Group.

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