Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 13, 2011

Items of interest:

1-“The Party’s Over for Big Wind” – Robert Bryce at the Huffington Post

2-The wind lobby claims industrial wind reduces emissions.  Wind Farm Realities has a very nice assessment of the ongoing debate.

It is pretty obvious that AWEA has no interest is doing some actual science and using actual measurements to see if wind energy is effective in reducing emissions. Instead they write papers using whatever scattered numbers they can come across, choosing to look authoritative in contrast to being authoritative.”

3-Talk about putting perfume on a pig:  “In Mitchell County, the decrease in the value of wind turbines was canceled out by the addition of more turbines in the Loraine Windpark.”

4-Bats and Birds Face Serious Threats From Growth of Wind Energy – New York Times

Wait for it!  Wait for it! Ahh, there it is … cats and windows kill more.

5-More on the reported wind heroics in Texas – “The Wind-Energy Myth

6-So the author says: “Before I get any mail, I’m NOT advocating huge government subsidies for wind power.  The technology can clearly stand on its own, and is getting cheaper (read: more cost-effective) all the time.

So when will Denise Bode of the American Wind Energy Association be puting her tin cup back in the closet?

7-And speaking of Ms. Bode – “We call wind and solar alternative energy, but wind companies are much like any other energy companies and are run by some of the same people.”dagblog

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