Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 20, 2010

Items of interest:

1-No truth to the rumor that the project will be renamed Crap Wind.

2-“There is no substitute for available, affordable, and reliable supply.”

3-Industrial wind and broken political promises … what could possibly go wrong?

4-Was this first published at The Onion?  I mean, “Now that anti-science Republicans have taken control of the House” and “President Obama has the power to unleash dramatic emissions reductions without congressional approval. And in the course of doing so, the president can bring jobs and profits to communities across the nation, even in places represented by climate change deniers such as Sen.-elect Roy Blunt of Missouri.”  And that’s only in the first two paragraphs.

5-And speaking of The Onion – I almost hesitate posting this oldie but goodie because some loons will claim it as proof we need more wind turbines.

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