Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 18, 2010

Items of interest:

1-This will be interesting:

Science Integrity Guidelines Soon to Come? – Roger Pielke Jr. Blog

2-And, of course, it’s backed by the one entity which cannot afford to do so:  TAXPAYERS

World’s Biggest Wind Farm Gets Backing – GreenTechMedia

3-We had this up some time ago and I thought it was an April fools joke.  But, it’s actually a Wind fools joke … the difference is they last all year and the TAXPAYER usually ends up paying for them!

Nanotube-Tethered Flying Wind Turbines Could Harvest Energy At 30,000 Feet – Popular Science

4-See what I mean?  Note the obvious in the small print:  “Aviation authorities not so keen”

Put wind turbines in the jetstream, says NASA scientist – Tech Eye

5-And I bet if you did this, Item 3 and 4 would disappear faster than a David Copperfield elephant: “The solution to meeting America’s energy demands is so simple that anyone other than a politician could grasp it.  Stop subsidizing industries altogether.”

Solar Eclipse – American Thinker


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