Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 15, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Industries that require never-ending subsidies simply cannot increase overall economic welfare. To conclude otherwise is to believe in “free-lunch” economics of the worst kind. Yet, freelunch economics are driving the push for renewable energy.”

Gresham’s Law of Green Energy – CATO Institute

2-“Ethanol is the Frankenfuel of the energy business, a subsidy-devouring monster that cannot be killed, no matter how great the political opposition.”

Lame-Duck Bailouts for Ethanol and Wind? – Robert Bryce

3-Some years ago, as part of an agreement to sell our product to the Chinese, they insisted we set up a manufacturing facility in China.  Take a wild guess:  our US facility (which supplied the initial product under EXIM Bank financing requiring US content) no longer manufactures the product for China.

To Conquer Wind Power, China Writes the Rules – NY Times

4-Natural gas:

The Hard Facts About Fracking – Popular Mechanics

5-And we subsidize windmills!

Russia to have a foothold on Turkish energy market – Voice of Russia

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