Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 8, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Excellent piece from John Droz, Jr.

Dick and Jane Talk Wind Energy (a teachable moment: Part I) – MasterResource

2-“They’ll be much more friendly to avian species, and California will still get the same amount of renewable, emission-free energy.”  And exactly how much electricity is produced?  You folks always seem to leave out the key piece of information – industrial wind is an expensive, unreliable, deadly and underachieving producer of electricity.

New Altamont wind turbines aim to cut bird deaths – SF Gate

3-“Green energy is all the rage, and Ohio is jumping on the bandwagon with little regard for financial considerations.”

Lake Erie wind turbines costly, inefficient – Toledo Blade

4-There has to be some real money to be made here.  No, I didn’t say real electricity … I said real money!

Duke Energy gets $231M in financing for wind farm – Business Week

5-Good read and well worth your time:

Positive step in long slog to revive nuclear energy – Atomic Insights Blog

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