Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 7, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Important letters for your consideration:

LETTER: With turbines going up, time for wind moratorium – News Tribune

LETTER: Industrial wind too expensive, too inefficient – News Tribune

2-“DWP officials said they remain serious about their bid to eliminate coal … But they also said the DWP has not been able to guarantee that it could reach that target while maintaining a reliable source of power.”  And that, is where the real problem lies, my friends.  It doesn’t matter what premium you pay, if the electricity is not there when you need it.

DWP’s green strategy could come with rate increases, the agency says – LA Times

3-“But the people who are objecting to the wind farms, the people who are getting sick, are not going to go away,” he says.  “Companies might be able to buy a couple of people out, but that’s not the way to fix this.  “We need to find out what the problem is.

University noise engineer gets “definite infrasound readings from turbines” (Australia) – Wind Turbine Syndrome

4-The flush of cash cannot stop soon enough.

Green energy faces GOP headwinds on Hill – Washington Times

5-“Putin, who has overseen all major energy deals Russia made in recent years, is keen for the country to maintain its role as a major oil and gas producer. He has repeatedly expressed his skepticism about alternative energy.”  How did he put it?  Oh, yes … “nuclear energy is the only alternative to traditional energy sources” … other alternative energy approaches are “claptrap.”

Russia’s Putin says wind turbines kill birds – Reuters

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1 Response to Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 7, 2010

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    AFA responds to the Letters to the Editor, thank you Mr. Gates and Mr. Thomas.

    Time to start asking more questions:

    Do we want our energy (and environmental) policies to be determined by real science, or to come from lobbyists?

    What empirical evidence exits that the over 100,000 huge wind turbines in the world have been responsible for reducing consumption of fossil fuels and abating any CO2 emissions?

    What coal plants have closed because of wind?

    Are we asking enough questions from national, state, county political and policy decision makers that support wind?

    Do you want Mineral County Comprehensive guidelines to be determine at a community level or created from self serving Big Industrial Wind Developers like US Wind Force, LLC that threaten with legal suit because their comments are not considered during the final hour.

    SAY NO to Big Industrial Wind! Take back your community…

    Support Allegheny Front Alliance…Say No to US Wind Force, LLC, SAY NO to Edision Mission Energy.

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