Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 6, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Oh my!  Logic entering the conversation … this can’t be good for the greenies!  “(he)… insisted on a more cautious approach to the solar initiative, including figuring out how much it would cost.”

DWP quietly scales back Villaraigosa’s ambitious renewable energy goal – LA Times

2-It is sad when a noble idea is hijacked by those seeking to make profits.

Wind farm issue threatens to discredit green movement – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-Here’s a chuckle from our Aussie friends:  I’ll see your REC and raise you five!

Renewable energy targets in doubt as expensive wind power runs out of puff – The Australian

4-Anyone think the subsidy cut will be even greater if Spain’s economy is downgraded?

Spain approves wind-power subsidy cuts of 35 percent – Soccernews

5-Next up in the batter’s box:

Wayne County on verge of gas boom, but not just yet – The Times-Tribune

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