Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 3, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Well, if they put in some new transmission lines and if power doesn’t go out and if we shut them off when the wind blows from the south and if another turbine like this one breaks down so we can get replacement parts and … maybe then the blades won’t fly off and hit some kids and we can actually get back to producing a little unreliable electricity.

Wind turbine blade falls off again at Elkton-Pigeon- Bay Port – Huron Daily Tribune

2-Well, we know at best we can expect around 6 MW output, if the wind cooperates … but how many permanent jobs?  And, aren’t we broke?

Juhl Wind secures $12.6m grant for Minnesota wind farm – Brighter Energy

3-Our friends are correct:

They’re not “farms” – North Gower Wind Turbines


Spain Cuts Subsidies for Solar Thermal, Some Wind-Energy Plants – Bloomberg


Global Warming summit begins with prayer to Mayan goddess Ixchel – The Examiner

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