Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for December 2, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Bats are crucial to ecosystems—devouring insects, dispersing seeds, and pollinating flowers. But in the U.S. an insidious new enemy is causing massive die-offs.”  (Thanks to the Allegheny Highlands Alliance)

Bat Crash – National Geographic

2-California wants to go greener … which likely means they want some more of the green from your wallet.

Brown may find it’s not easy being green – LA Times

3-“Barely two months after the inauguration ceremony for Germany’s first pilot offshore wind farm, “Alpha Ventus” in the North Sea, all six of the newly installed wind turbines were completely idle, due to gearbox damage.”

Germany’s Offshore Wind: Wasted Resources, Environmental Blight – MasterResource

4-“Even more troubling is the fact that, financial submissions notwithstanding and by its own admission, the company has not yet raised the funds for the project and has thereby failed to demonstrate financial capacity

Friends of Lincoln Lakes attempts to stall First Wind project with finances inquiry – Bangor Daily News

(Visit the Friends of Lincoln Lakes)

5-For anyone still confused when reading the article, the term “Government Funds” is the same as “Your Tax Dollars.”

Hedge Funds Short Clean Energy as Goldman Pares Stakes – Bloomberg

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