Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 29, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Our experience has forced me to look into the deeper issues of industrial wind — the technology, economics and politics — and the investigation has been an uncomfortable journey. It has brought my once-honey-eyed vision of easy, green power to the conclusion that industrial wind energy is, at present, bad science, bad economics and bad politics.

Wind power is bad science, economics – Bangor Daily News  (Visit and support our friends at Fox Islands Wind Neighbors)

2-“Do you understand the predicament Chuck?

Anti-wind Radicals? We’re just regular people trying to protect ourselves – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-“That was until some of the neighbouring farmers started knocking on her door and saying ‘hey Sarah, you’re a doc – what do you know about this getting sick from wind farms business?”

WINDFARM WARNING: do you have a windfarm near you – or planned to be??? – Umatji

4-Yes, but handle with care!

Marcellus Natural Gas Shale Formation Largest Reserve in World – Oil and Gas Drilling

5-Renewables Biz readers respond to recent headlines (h/t – Frank O’Hara)

Wind, Wires and Wallets – Renewables Biz

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