Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 25, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Mid-collapse, Spain has finally settled on what it hopes will be the way out of the bankrupting “green economy” subsidies and mandates that President Obama cited as his model.”

Spain Pulls the Plug on Solar Subsidies – Planet Gore

2-Who knows … maybe Congress will get serious about spending cuts: “With Coburn throwing down the gauntlet and saying not even subsidies for the oil and gas industries should be off the table…

GOP battle over ethanol heats up: Grassley swipes at Coburn and DeMint – Washington Post

3-“As stimulus funding has failed to produce industry-claimed green jobs, it will vanish. Wind developers will be seen as carpetbaggers, leaving behind a graveyard wake of 440-foot steel towers with fiberglass, concrete and transmission fluids.”

Another View: Wind protesters really prophets who warn of dire peril ahead – Portland Press Herald

4-Pouring more cold water logic on the industrial wind fantasy.  Excellent site!

Chapter 9.1: Liberal Projections for Future Renewable Power – Ontario Wind Performance

5-Enjoy your turkey, tofu or salad.  But above all, enjoy your day!


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