Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 23, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“The future of Électricité de France SA lies primarily in nuclear energy, but probably not in the U.S.”  Yeah, but you’ve got some second hand windmills, we might have a deal.

EDF Looks To Build Nuclear Empire Outside U.S. – Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

2-HELP!  I’m trying to find out what ever happened to this “deal.”  Even the Baltimore Sun link appears to be similarly dead.

Firm Proposes Building Wind Turbines at Two Former Boat-Building Plants in Cumberland, MD Read more

3-First you have to wonder who would think placing wind turbines on Lookout Mountain is a good idea in the first place.  Maybe the petitions should be to remove the numskulls considering approval from their positions.

Commissioners Given Petitions Opposing Lookout Mountain Wind Project – The Chattanoogan

4-à la ethanol?  “One of the properties, he says, has been farmed since 1828.”

Farmland being lost to industrial solar zones – Wind Concerns Ontario

5-Correct!  They don’t conflict because the planes don’t fly in the area.  Core problem solved?  No … but it will kick the can down the political road.

Kansas wind farms don’t conflict with military operations, Army says – Kansas City Star

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