Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 21, 2010

Items of interest:

1-This question came up in conversation a couple of days ago.

How close is too close? – National Wind Watch

2-I could never figure why state officials feel compelled to weigh in on other than the facts.  “Jim Denn, a spokesman for the state Public Service Commission, said it’s rare to find problems with the construction of one turbine, let alone a group of them.”  Is the community impacted supposed to feel better now?

Problems at wind farms ‘unusual,’ state official says – Utica Observer-Dispatch

3-Now here’s something you don’t hear everyday … a politician taking a position during the campaign only to reverse it after winning.

Letter: Samuelson, please give us answers – Red Wing Republican Eagle

4-Jon Boone pointed this Kim Strassel article out a couple of days ago, calling it “perceptive.”

“Green Energy” Subsidy Factory — not just Cap & Trade — the Real Test for GOP Energy Chair – Mackinac Center

5-And the US is building windmills.  “Countries like France and Russia are not just looking India as a temporary market but as a partner in the global market in nuclear and other sector,”

‘Nuclear deal a big boost to power generation’ – The Times of India

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