Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 19, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Excellent read from Robert Bradley, Jr.:

“Cuisinarts of the Air” (Revisiting an environmentalist term for windpower) – MasterResource

2-Now here’s a good idea:

Tell the Feds to stop funding industrial wind!! – Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine

3-Fitting somehow … the pilgrims, after all, did come here on ships powered by the wind.  How long was the trip?

Wind tower plans spur opposition – Boston Globe

4-And we’re happy to help!

Blades of Death – Help Stop Wind Turbines in Northwest Ohio – BirdFreak

5-“In the unreasonable environmentalist fervor of the last few years, imbued by alarmism after alarmism, preposterous solutions like wind and solar have been offered, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they cannot substitute fossil fuels for decades, if ever. It is not just the costs which, the only conceivable source, governments, can no longer afford; thermodynamics is simply prohibitive.  Corn-based ethanol has been an even more spectacularly silly idea.”

Ethanol from Coal, Natural Gas and Coke, not from Corn – Energy Tribune

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