Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 17, 2010

Items of interest:

1-The Allegheny Highlands Alliance notes that the casual dismissal of the serious issue by Tasmanian Environment Minister David O’Byrne is more of the “Same old, more are killed by other processes,” and by no means consolation for industrial wind’s killing of endangered species.

Deaths of rare eagles rises – National Wind Watch

2-Superb post!My name is Don Smith. I am a native Mainer and I am 82 years old. I am a veteran and a grandfather. I was arrested and charged with criminal trespass at the Rollins Mt. wind project site in Lincoln on November 8.”

Why I Chose to be Arrested at Rollins Mountain – Grumbles and Grins

3-“High levels of low frequency noise (LFN) are produced and can be measured at wind turbine developments according to Richard James INCE, acoustics specialist from Michigan.”


4-And now, from the parallel universe known as the Energy Department:  “The top U.S. official on energy policy says China should allow American companies to qualify for subsidies Beijing offers for renewable energy projects.”  Here’s a thought … how about stopping all subsidies instead of crawling onto another free ride?

US Tells China Fairness Needed in Green Energy Industry – Voice of America

5-“Can nuclear power plants create jobs?  You bet they can.

How Nuclear Energy Manufacturing Can Create Jobs and Keep Us Safe – American Manufacturing


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