Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 15, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Even with those subsidies, wind remains more expensive per kilowatt hour than power generated by coal and natural gas.”

In the Spotlight: Fuel for thought as energy policy takes pricey turn – PJStar

2-Yes, I know we mentioned it before, but- Russia and Venezuela have been discussing nuclear energy for about eight years. Iran is another country with links to Venezuela’s nuclear development through geophysical surveys for uranium. Commenting, Chavez said: “We have not yet signed a single final agreement, but we are moving in that direction.”

Russia Helps Venezuela Go Nuclear –

3-On the other hand, “If approved, the plant could house up to six small reactors – each with the ability to produce 125 megawatts of electricity – and would be the first modular nuclear facility built in the United States.”

Modular reactor plan worth pursuing – knoxnews

4-“The federal government is seeking bids from energy companies to develop wind farms off the coasts of Delaware and Maryland.  Virginia should be next, according to Maureen Matsen, the state’s deputy secretary of natural resources.”

Virginia next in line for wind farms? – Daily Press

5-A must read from Lisa Linowes – “It’s time Capitol Hill took a hard look at the renewables feeding frenzy now underway and adopt policies that are best for us as a Country.”

Government Gluttony at the American Wind Energy Association (Summers/Browner/Klain memo indicates growing ‘wind fatigue’) – MasterResource

6-“Even with federal subsidies, the wind industry can’t compete with low natural gas prices.”

Surprising Abundance of Natural Gas Stalls Alternative Energy Projects – Gas and Oil News


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