Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 14, 2010

Items of interest:

1-And if you actually believed the environment had much to do with GE buying 25,000 electric cars:

GE Buys Volts, Taxpayers Get Charged – NRO

You may find this interesting, as well:

Obama’s Electric Vehicle Fetish – Robert Bryce

2-This should be interesting, especially since 20 of the 37 wind turbines are already up.

Windmill project suspended due to substandard materials – WKTV

3-Wait … didn’t the President and dozens of folks just visit India to promote US goods?  Oh, well!  I suppose if you dug enough into the renewable web, you’d find that US Stimulus funds are somehow in the mix.  Is that considered US content?

Vestas to supply wind turbines for Tuppadahalli Wind Farm project in India – IStockAnalyst

4-Oh!  And while we’re on subsidies, (we were, weren’t we?) … here’s a reminder:

Wind subsidies aren’t working, they’re just subsidizing big business – Washington Examiner

5-Here’s a pitch from the Natural Gas side:

Natural Gas is the Common Ground – True Blue Natural Gas

6-WOW!  “California seems intent on traveling a road to self-destruction paved with government mandates and regulations that drive businesses and jobs out of state while discouraging new job creation.  A prime job-killing, business-punishing scheme is the insistence on achieving radical environmental goals, despite their real-world economic liabilities.”

Our View: Air board’s arrogance damaging – Appeal Democrat

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