Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 12, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“In its quest for a “green” future, the Obama administration proposes to rely on wind power to generate 20 percent of U.S. electrical power by 2030. There are a number of problems with this proposal.

Wind doesn’t blow hard enough – Washington Times

2-Yes … but the US is building windmills!  International Atomic Energy Agency:  “Nuclear power is being considered as a clean energy option by ever more countries. Currently, the IAEA is involved in projects dealing with the introduction of nuclear power in 58 of the Agency´s 151 Member States.”

IAEA and ICTP Open Nuclear Energy Management School – IAEA

3-“So, we must ask a simple question: How many more years will citizens be expected to pay, and what rights will we have to surrender, to benefit an unproven technology and the smoke-and-mirror economics that seem to be the foundation of industrial wind?

Maine Voices: Things aren’t all rosy on Vinalhaven about wind turbines – Portland Press Herald

4-So, government subsidies wouldn’t have anything to do with the decision, right?  “Vestas is looking to the U.S. after twice lowering its sales forecast for 2010. The company, which has lost more than half its market value in the past year, said Oct. 26 it will close four factories in Denmark and Sweden as European demand drops because banks have tightened financing to wind-park developers and the region’s sovereign debt crisis has limited prospects for economic growth.”

Vestas Says U.S. Expansion on Course as Turbine Market Shrinks – Bloomberg

5-And, while we’re on subsidies … “General Electric’s CEO Jeff Immelt threw a temper tantrum because the Office of Management and Budget and Treasury Department were holding up tens of millions in subsidies to the company for a wind farm project in Oregon

Corporate Welfare Watch: Wind Farm Subsidies – Reason Magazine

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