Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 11, 2010

Items of interest:


2-You say toh-maa-to and I say toh-mah-to … let’s call the whole thing off!  Proving once again, facts are in the eye of the beholder.

“Fossil-fuel consumption subsidies amounted to $312 billion in 2009”, says the IEA, while renewable energies in the same year received just $57 billion of “government support” according to the IEA.  In other words, renewables got just $1 for every $5-6 given to fossil fuels last year.” – EWEA

“If renewables account for a 7% share of global energy energy [sic] demand, and receive [sic] $57 billion in subsidies, that’s $8.14 billion for each percentage share of global demand. In contrast, fossil fuels supply about 83% of the global energy mix (nuclear accounts for the remaining 6%, according to the IEA) and recieve [sic] $312 billion in subsidies, for $3.76 billion per percentage share of global energy supplied.” Breakthrough via Roger Pielke, Jr.’s Blog

3-“Conventional fuels can and will continue to power us. It’s that simple. Maybe one day grasses and pond scum and chicken grease will save the day, but do not expect it anytime soon

A Dose of Energy Reality – NRO

4-“I was just stunned at how cavalierly or arbitrarily they were making things up,” she said. “I had held onto the hope that they were truly going to do right by their community. I see that they seem to be fulfilling loyalty roles to BP and Acciona, I guess.”

Tempers flare at meeting in Cape – Watertown Daily Times

5-“recording low renewable energy output despite a 0.3GW rise in its total energy generation capacity.”  And why?  “among other things, SSE claims that this result reflects the “weather-related” fall of 16% in the output of renewable energy.”  Wonder if it was too windy or not windy enough.  Bet the fossil fuel plants were having a heyday!

SSE reveals last six months for renewables has ‘not been easy’ – New Energy Focus

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