Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 6, 2010

Items of interest:

1-SUPERB!!! – “Piece by piece, presentation by presentation, the foundation upon which industrial wind industry and much of Ontario’s Green Energy Act sits was taken apart and dismantled this past weekend.”

Unity of knowledge – Wind Concerns Ontario

2-Wind whine -“there is a serious curtailment in building wind projects,” said John Audley of Renewable Northwest Energy, a Portland-based coalition of companies and groups that promote renewable energy. The state incentives have gone away, the markets of renewable energy are full and the price of fossil fuel is cheap.” BOO HOO!

Eastern Oregon residents near wind farms express health concerns over noise, lights, stress – Oregon Live

3-Hmm!  “Could a greener world be bad news for green energy? Wind speeds are falling across much of the northern hemisphere, and this could mean less electricity is available from wind turbines.

Green machine: Trees may spell trouble for wind power – New Scientist

4-“After about a year of no activity, equipment is back on Allegheny Mountain this week at the site where Henry T. “Mac” McBride of Harrisonburg intends to build a 39-megawatt wind energy plant.

Work to resume on wind plant? – VA Wind

5-Corporate Welfare?  “An IER examination of federal energy grants has found that GE has received just short of $300 million in grants from 2000-2010.

GE Gets Over 2.3 Federal Energy Grants…Every Month! – Institute for Energy Research

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