Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 5, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“The company’s problems raise questions about the federal government’s wisdom in giving $535 million to a company with an unproven technology.”

Uh! Half a billion dollars – $535,000,000.00?  Yep … that raises a lot of questions!

Fremont solar panel maker Solyndra scales back expansion plans – Oakland Tribune

2-“To be sure, low emissions from coal-fired plants isn’t a technology problem, it’s a political problem.”

Real Clean Coal: Japan’s Unit #2 Isogo Plant – MasterResource

3-“The post-construction studies are too late for the bat and avian population. We need to address pre-construction studies.”  (How about it, University of Maryland?)

APOV: What you don’t know … – The Daily News Online

4-“bankrolling green dreams

The Willis Report video – Gerri Willis Two Cents

5-Lucky for us, it doesn’t get cold in the Allegheny Mountains

Coping with the cold: A report from Finland – Windpower Engineering

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