Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 3, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Move over Windy!

Wind farms could be forced out by oil rigs– Telegraph

2-“Is Germany helping to show the way to a more effective approach to the expansion of carbon-neutral energy production?

Germany’s Nuclear Bridge to Tomorrow’s Energy Supply – Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog

3-“It seems so simple to let the wind just blow the propeller blades of a windmill generator to produce free electric power. As an alternate source of energy it is wonderful because it does not produce any “toxic” waste or unfriendly elements to the ecology. Right? Well, not so fast.”

Wind Power | Electric Power From Wind Generators – Public 88

4-A word to the wise for all:

Tom Pyle (IER) on the Election Results and Energy Policy (beware of ‘all of the above’ Republicans) – MasterResource

5-“There is little question why natural gas is considered the best energy investment due to its growing demand, environmental advantages, and supply breakthrough that has radically changed the outlook for cleaner energy.”

Natural Gas, America’s Best Bet – Energy Tribune

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