Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 2, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Excellent piece at WCO – “Ontario government knew early on that shutting the coal plants would not make a significant improvement in the air quality.  Despite having this information, they stifled the report and claimed otherwise. ~ Ross McKitrick, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of Guelph

The case against the case against conventional energy – Wind Concerns Ontario

2-The first international symposium on The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects put on by The Society For Wind Vigilance was solid and powerful.

International symposium on The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-“shame on all the other wind projects that are changing the face of Maine for the profit of a few ex-governors, ex-Public Utility Chairmen and ex-Harvard Professors.

An Islander’s Perspective on Industrial Wind – Grumbles and Grins

4-I favor option one – “But there is evidence that mortality rates can be reduced relatively simply: for example, by not siting wind farms in areas of high concentrations of bats or on migratory bird pathways, or by using more modern turbines with larger, slower-turning blades.

Fewer Turbine Turns Means Fewer Bat Deaths – Discovery News

5-Sad to see, but not unexpected if the business relies on handouts for its “profits.”  “Wind-turbine maker Suzlon Group will idle its Pipestone, Minn., plant, putting 110 workers out of jobs, because the once-booming U.S. wind energy market has lost headway.”

Pipestone wind-turbine factory idled; 110 layoffs – Star Tribune

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