Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for November 1, 2010

Items of interest:

1-I know, for some of you, this is getting old … but I’ll pose the thought again – And the US is building windmills?  “This summer China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest producer of energy. What was noteworthy, however, is not what China has accomplished over the past 10 years — doubling its energy capacity — but what it is planning for its future.

Nuclear Renaissance Blossoms—Without the USA – American Spectator

2-“Wind turbine noise has a unique and visceral sound character, which may be perceived as being twice as loud as measured.”

Wind turbine noise: noise complaints predictable – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-”’Great River Energy officials say 61 turbines at the Prairie Star Wind Farm near Austin stopped operating for a time because of the powerful gusts.

High winds too much for wind turbines – Minnesota Public Radio

4-“Despite the inefficiency, unreliability and poor economics of wind energy, even the biggest skeptic would acknowledge the appeal of the Bird Cuisinart* to anyone interested in the elusive goal of Energy Independence. After all, the wind is free, right?”

Energy Policy Outrage, Part II: ‘Windmills Are Pretty!’ – Red Sate

5-“Remember when the “windys” got all buzzy about how generous Google was for offering to toss a couple of billion into the East Coast backbone grid to enable offshore wind?  They’re just so generous!

Google uses profit shuffle to cut taxes – Columbus Dispatch

6-And don’t forget …



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