Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 28, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“… overall, subsidies for wind and other renewable electricity sources are more than 10 times higher per unit energy output than coal, which provides nearly half the nation’s electricity, and natural gas and nuclear power, which provide most of the rest.”

Ethanol + Wind Power = #Fail – Competitive Enterprise Institute

2-And while the Russians are building pipelines and nuclear plants, our Department of Energy invests $3,000,000.00 in … an airborne wind turbine wing some 800 feet in the air like a kite tied to the ground. C’mon … I’m begging you!

Innovations to boost airborne energy have wind at their back – MSNBC

3-Kent Hawkins continues, at MasterResource:

Peeling Away the Onion of Denmark Wind (Part I)

Peeling Away the Onion of Denmark Wind (Part II – Details of Exports and Imports)

Peeling Away the Onion of Denmark Wind (Part III – Wind Electricity Used in Denmark)

4-Remember this Item from October 24th? – ”It will be read as a vote of confidence or a vote of no confidence for the industry,” Hennessy said of the pending stock sale.  (I’ll read it as reflecting the confidence investors have that elected officials will continue to support this ridiculous technology with continued mandates and tax subsidies.)

Seeking growth, First Wind readies to go public – The Kennebec Journal

Well guess what? – perhaps it is, in fact, “a vote of no confidence for the industry!

First Wind cuts forecast on proceeds from IPO – Boston Globe

5-Our friends in Ontario are to be taken seriously … upwards of 1,000 people turned out last night—in the rain—to protest a proposed wind farm in Centre Wellington Township.

Liberals must listen, says Arnott after wind farm protest – Wind Concerns Ontario

6-And how are things going in the UK? – More than 230 separate local campaign groups against wind farms are operating across the UK, from Scotland and Kent to Norfolk, Yorkshire and Cornwall. These groups are scoring striking successes in defeating planned wind farms – even when faced with the weight of official recommendations.

Power Failure: UK’s Wind Farm Plans In Disarray – Guardian

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