Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 27, 2010

Items of interest:

1-If I hadn’t read Jon Boone’s work, I would have thought this excellent progress.  Now I simply see it as trying to crystal ball the incredibly volatile wind to portray it will actually generate something other than tax subsidies for the developers.

The Austrian Science Fund FWF, the main funder of the new research, wants to develop optimized approaches to estimating the amount of renewable power that authorities will be able to rely on in the near future.”  HUH???

New Method for Estimating the Power Output of Wind Farms – Softpedia

This, however, is the forecasting reality for industrial wind!

With high winds on the way, Michigan Thumb wind farm could stop spinning – Mlive

2-Things are cooking in Ontario:

Massive protest greets wind turbine developers – Wind Concerns Ontario

Change is blowing in Ontario wind – LFPress

Report from the Fergus Protest – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-“The future of a wind turbine firm which received £2.4million of Government funding is in doubt – along with 100 jobs – after the company announced financial difficulties.”

Jobs under threat at wind turbine firm – STV

4-“Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine maker, has announced plans to cut 3,000 jobs because of weak demand, around 15% of its global workforce.”

Wind turbine giant Vestas cuts 3,000 jobs – BBC

5-American Spectator takes on the Weekly Standard – Still think this “green” debate is politically driven?

The Weekly Standard Goes Green – American Spectator

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