Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 26, 2010

Items of interest:

1-And while we focus on building windmills, we watch Russia build an energy web of nuclear, natural gas and oil.  A quick look at the headlines of the past few days:

So, should we be comfortable with all this?

Russia sinks lower in global corruption rating – Ria Novosti

And, does our continued wallowing in “claptrap” play any part in this?

Will the U.S. Lose Europe to Russia? – NY Times

2-He added that officials claimed to be on target for 2020, but there were no transmissions lines in parts of Wales to get the power to the National Grid, and this seemed to have been “conveniently overlooked”.

Wales misses wind farm energy target – BBC

3-Kent Hawkins takes out his scalpel:

Peeling Away the Onion of Denmark Wind (Part I) – MasterResource

4-Another excellent post:

Wind Exported Evidence (July 26-29 2010) –  Ontario Wind Performance

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