Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 25, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Hollister Hartman directs us to this interesting article by Alex Pavlak.

Strategy Versus Evolution – American Scientist

2-Are you folks in Charleston paying attention?

The West Virginia Encyclopedia recently released the results of its first online poll. More than 14,300 votes were cast, and results show that a majority of respondents oppose wind turbines in West Virginia. In response to the statement “The placement of wind turbines on Mountain State ridge tops should continue,” 76 percent of respondents said “no,” while 24 percent said “yes.” While poll organizers admit their survey is unscientific, since response was voluntary, they believe that the large size of the vote indicates the direction of public opinion and a strong interest in the topic.

3-Darn … and it’s probably too late to book a flight!

Lady Godiva to Ride Again at Fergus Wind Protest – Wind Concerns Ontario

4-And some of you thought my propeller hat idea was silly!

Fan-Tastic! 10 Cool Colorful Wind Turbine Designs – WebEcoist

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