Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 22, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Discussion of subsidies worth your time.

More on Cape Cod Wind Power – Bruce Everett’s Weblog

2-“Just like BP’s compromised relationship with the federal agency responsible for regulating it in order to promote energy development in ecologically sensitive areas, so too the wind energy developers have been very cozy with government policy makers in order to develop energy in environmentally sensitive areas.”

Wind on the Mountains; Politics in the Valleys – Vermont Tiger

3-Horse meet cart – Oregon, having “boosted wind energy projects with a vengeance in recent years, adopting a renewable power standard and tax breaks that have helped spread wind farms across the state’s northern reaches and into eastern Oregon,” is now “embarking on a public health assessment of wind farms.

Oregon to study wind farm health effects – Oregon Live

4-GE sells interest in Oklahoma wind farm to Japanese firm.

ITOCHU Joins General Electric by Co-investing in Oklahoma Wind Farm – PR Newswire

5-Reminds me of the Jon Boone caution of a few days ago:  “the PATH line through MD, WV, PA may use eminent domain to bully its way through opposition–and much of the justification for PATH is to bring green energy to the masses.“  He notes that “people should be more than worried!

Eminent domain, landownership and transmission line structures – Industrial Wind Action Group

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