Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 21, 2010

Items of interest:

1-And, of course, no one could have possibly dreamed this: “China, which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly halted some shipments of those materials to the United States and Europe, three industry officials said this week.”

China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals – NY Times

2-That reminds me … how’s your neighbor’s network of gas pipelines coming along?

Russia, Bulgaria to set up JV for South Stream feasibility study by Nov 15 – Ria Novosti

3-Burning coal to run the Chevy Volt?  But …

The Chevy Volt Runs on Coal – Planet Gore

4-Ignore the politics for a moment – but who, in their right mind, would want to tie their legacy to giving 70 major wind farms $4.4 billion in federal energy grants through the stimulus program?

Hot air? White House takes credit for Bush-era wind farm jobs – MSNBC

5-Baltimore Sun carries more water for Maryland’s first wind farm in their “green” section.  Oh, not propaganda?  Then why did the Sun link a Cumberland Times-News story that’s 10 days old?

Western MD turbines set to make power? – Baltimore Sun

6-Hey folks!  The amount of money handed to the renewable energy developers is not the true measure of “green” success.  You might think so if you read this article.

How will the spending review affect the environment? – The Guardian

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