Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 15, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Remember wondering why Google (Item 2) might want to toss money away?

Suckered by Wind? – Planet Gore

2-“ … fundamentally wind cannot replace coal because coal is being used to ramp up in response to the daily cycle of demand.  Wind cannot do this, no matter how many turbines are built.”

Wind Replacing Coal? – Ontario Wind Performance

and, while you’re at it – Is Natural Gas backing up Wind?

3-“Subsidies for wind have caused “skewed” investment across the UK towards wind energy and away from research and development for other renewables technologies”

MP hits out at government bias towards wind – New Energy Focus

4-Amazing stuff from Virginia – the Sierra Club, “which has a national policy of supporting wind farms in appropriate locations” supports the Poor Mountain wind farm which, by the way is not an appropriate location.

Thanks to VA Wind!

5-New York Public Service Commission investigators to build homes under turbines to prove they’re safe.  Oh … there not?

PSC: Firm’s wind farms safe, collapse probe closed – Bloomberg


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