Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 9, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“Fast-growing China has been rushing to clinch access to overseas resources needed to power its booming industries.”

China’s CNOOC to buy 2.6 million tons of liquefied natural gas from France’s GDP Suez – Washington Examiner

2-“The federal government has agreed to share some of the financial risk involved in building the world’s largest wind farm in northeast Oregon.”  The whole idea sounds loony and a little scarier when you substitute “your name” for “federal government.”

World’s largest wind farm gets stimulated (finally) – Ecotrope

3-“In fact, because wind power is not economically viable at the moment, funding wind farms is the equivalent of preemptively bailing them out.”

Russ Quixote and the Wind Farm Bailout – Reboot Congress

4-And if I were 7’2”, 380lbs with 4.4 – 40 time, I’d be playing for the Steelers – one of the silliest wind energy advertisements articles of the week, in my humble opinion.

Offshore Wind a U.S. Job Boon if Capital Costs Don’t Erode Potential – DOE – New York Times

5-“Huron (MI) County officials earlier this week reported there’s been some confusion regarding two Nov. 2 county ballot proposals that ask voters to confirm the creation of two new wind districts.”

Nah!!! I read the piece … how could this be confusing?

Wind district questions answered – Huron Daily Tribune

6-Finally, some interesting goings on out in Wisconsin … probably an isolated case, don’t you think?

Wisconsin PSC’S wind energy siting rules challenged in court. – Allegheny Treasures

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