Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 7, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“But Cape Wind’s stipulated low fees are nevertheless yet another example of the government assisting development of wind power and other renewable-energy technologies. Cape Wind is also expected to be reimbursed about $600 million, via tax credits, after expected construction of the $2 billion wind farm.”

Feds award Cape Wind a sweet 28-year lease deal – Boston Herald

2-We in the US should “take note” as well, don’t you think?

Brits to pay $3200 per year for power bill. Ontarians take note. – Wind Concerns Ontario

3-“You see, just like back in the 1980’s when modern wind energy was first being touted and subsidized, national leaders are waking up to the fact that wind is the sucker’s choice and some of the sucker’s now realize they’ve been had.”

Time for Voters for Wind to write some letters. – Jefferson’s Leaning Left

4-Now here’s a bit of common sense creeping in!

PSEG Chairman: Keep transmission focused on grid reliability, not new policy goals – Industrial Wind Action Group

5-As usual, there’s no mention of the actual expected output, even if they do “increase the number of wind turbines planted among area corn and soybean fields from 705 to more than 2,772 in five years, according to data from Illinois State University’s Center for Renewable Energy.”

Central Illinois may gain 2,000 turbines in 5 years –

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