Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 6, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Head of the Russian nuclear corporation: “We nearly doubled the most profit-making reserves. And we increased natural uranium production by 13% year-on-year in the first nine months of 2010

Russia increases uranium production 13% in 2010 – Rosatom – RIA Novosti

2-Woosh-Woosh – “Lawsuits and complaints about turbine noise, vibrations and subsequent lost property value have cropped up in Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Massachusetts, among other states. In one case in DeKalb County, Ill., at least 38 families have sued to have 100 turbines removed from a wind farm there. A judge rejected a motion to dismiss the case in June.”

“For Those Near, the Miserable Hum of Clean Energy” (NY Times) – Wind Turbine Syndrome

3-“If all these proposed projects get built out, this wonderful, stunningly scenic place we have spent public tax money to preserve will have around 100 huge industrial wind turbines surrounding it.”  (Not to mention wind won’t work!)

A Hike up Rumford Whitecap Before the Onslaught of Turbines – Citizen’s Task Force on Wind Power, Maine

4-Longtime plans to construct a wind farm in Randolph County have been put off, at least for now, because Indiana officials are so far unwilling to commit to more renewable energy across the state.  (Yes, but you’ll thank them later!)

State policy delays wind farm – The Star Press

5-Must be nearing an election somewhere.  Remember when the White House said no to solar panels in September?

White House Solar Installation Symbolic of Solar Energy Push – The Foundry

Excellent!  “So not only will taxpayers have to foot the bill for the project, but they’ll also be paying for pricier electricity.

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