Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 5, 2010

Items of interest:

1-More on “free” wind:  “And experts say most of those costs will be passed on to the same consumers who, as rate- and taxpayers, will be paying for the cost of planting the turbines off Nantucket Sound – and footing higher energy bills once the project is running.

Cape Wind rates will whack businesses, hospitals, schools – Boston Herald  (Surprise!!!)

2-Thought we’d take advantage of the rather slow day to provide a few recent examples of China’s push for “green” energy.  From their People’s Daily Online:

Russian coal imports up – September 9, 2010 (repaying a loan?)

Coal consumption to fall – September 16, 2010 (Check out the reasons)

Ukraine, China sign memorandum on cooperation in coal industry – September 24, 2010

China, Mongolia plan to jointly build new highway for coal transportation – October 5, 2010  (Hmmm … this wouldn’t have anything to do with other cooperation, would it?)

If you have some idle time, follow the links provided with each above.  The articles are quick reads but, when tied together … well, you decide.

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