Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 2, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – Commentary and a detailed report.

Small Reactors, Large Potential Impact – The Foundry

2-Not to be outdone, the wind industry has its answer to Small Modular Nuclear Reactors:

Mobile Wind Turbine Could Provide Portable Power On-Call – Inhabitat

3-“Iberdrola Renewables may be rethinking its proposal to farm wind along the crest of Lookout Mountain.”

Windmills plan tilted? – iStockAnalst

4-“Fertilized with federal stimulus money, 100 new wind turbines have cropped up among the soybean fields of northwest Missouri, and they’re generating some high-voltage sparks in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race.”

Wind farm generates controversy in Mo. Senate race – AP

5-At MasterResource –  “Why Energy Efficiency Does Not Decrease Energy Consumption:” Comment on Harry Saunders

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