Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for October 1, 2010

Items of interest:

1-You gotta check out JA’s evolutionary comments on this incredible link.  My new hero!  (be sure to note the times to put in proper sequence)

Solar Or Wind Power? Why Not Both? – Discovery News

2-Over at MasterResource, Ben Lieberman asks, Is Windpower the Ethanol of Electricity?

Part I: Economics

Part II: Environmental Issues

3-From Alan Caruba, “I hope this little exercise also demonstrates how idiotic it would be to put row upon row of wind turbines in place to provide less electrical energy than a single coal-fired or nuclear plant would produce far more economically and efficiently.”

No to the Cape Cod Wind Farm. Yes to Whaling Ships! – Warning Signs

4-Has anyone seen anything from the University of Maryland regarding the Power Purchase Agreement announced by US WindForce a couple of weeks ago?  I keep checking the U of MD web site and, unless it slipped by, there seemed no grand announcement.

I am curious to see if they are insisting that US WindForce secure an incidental take permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a condition of the agreement.  After all, the University would surely not want to encourage the unnecessary killing of endangered species.  Let us know if you have any information, so we can post it.

5-And just because this is of interest to me.

Bigger turbines come with bigger transport headaches – Windpower Engineering

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